Born  : – 24 September 1861

Death  : – August 13, 1936

Work  : – Freedom fighter, the first Indian revolutionary who first hoisted the national flag abroad

   Bhikhaji Ji Rustom Cama or Madame Cama was a French citizen of Indian origin who visited various countries of the world and worked to create an atmosphere in favor of India’s independence.  Madame Cama hoisted the Indian tricolor during the Seventh International Congress on 22 August 1907 in the city of Stuttgart, Germany.  He depicted various communities of India etc. in this tricolor.  His tricolor was not like today’s tricolor.

Early Life  : –

 Bhikaji Cama was born on 24 September 1861 in Bombay to a Parsi family.  Madame Cama’s father was a famous businessman.  His father’s name was Sorabji Patel.  Bhikhaji had nine siblings.  He was married in 1885 to Rustam ji Cama, a Parsi social reformer.

Work for the independence of the country  : –

 Bhikaji created an atmosphere in favor of India’s independence by visiting London, Germany and America.  She was noted for hoisting the tricolor at the Seventh International Congress held on 22 August 1907 in Stuttgart, Germany.  He received his education at the Alexandra Native Girls Institute and was sensitive and sensitive from the very beginning.  She was always engaged in anti-British imperial activities.  Bhikaji served its patients in 1896 after the plague broke out in Mumbai.  She herself later succumbed to the disease.  She was recovered after treatment but was advised to go to Europe for rest and further treatment.

  In the year 1906 he started living in London where he met the famous Indian revolutionaries Shyamji Krishna Verma, Hardayal and Veer Savarkar.  While in London, she was also the short secretary to Dadabhai Navroji.  Dadabhai Noroji was the first Asian to contest the British House of Commons.  While she was in Holland, she published revolutionary works with her colleagues and also brought them to the people.  When she was in France, the British government demanded to recall them, but the French government rejected that demand.  After this, the British government confiscated his Indian property and prohibited Bhikhaji Cama from coming to India.  His colleagues considered him the mother of the Indian revolution, while the British called him a notorious woman, a dangerous revolutionary, anarchist revolutionary, anti-British and inconsistent.

Designed the first flag of India  : –

 Bhikaji designed the first flag of India in the year 1905 with the help of his colleagues Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Shyamji Krishna Varma.  In the flag waving by Bhikaji, there was an attempt to assimilate the feelings and culture of different religions of the country.  Green, yellow and red were used to represents Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism religions colour.  Also, in the middle of it, vande Mataram̀• was written in Devanagari script.  Bhika also worked for gender equality.  Bhikaji Cama raised the flag of Indian independence at the International Socialist Conference held in Germany on 22 August 1907.

His honor  : –

 Many places and lanes in India are named after him in his honor.  On 26 January 1962, the Indian Post issued a stamp in his name for his dedication and contribution.  Ships in the Indian Coast Guard were also named after him.  The great woman who sacrificed everything for the service and freedom of the country, died in Parsi General Hospital in Mumbai in 1936.  At that time the last words that came out of his mouth were “Vande Mataram”.

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